Interpersonal skills training with a focus on personal awareness.

Delee brings her experience as a psychologist and lawyer to foster skill development and accelerate career success.



Each seminar is created and delivered by Delee so it may be customized for specific audiences, including women’s advancement programs. The length of most seminars is 90 minutes however they can be expanded for your particular need. Accreditation from the LSUC for professionalism credits is available for most seminars.

New Offering for 2018: Inclusive Leadership For Lawyers

Implicit bias has the effect of making a person feel like the “other”. Inclusive leaders easily recognize unconscious biases that foster exclusion and strive to create a culture of inclusion. In this seminar the hidden and pervasive nature of gender biases will be examined. Case studies will be used to promote easy recognition of gender bias and how to expose and disrupt it. Social intelligence, inclusive leadership styles and a collaborative mindset will also be explored. To achieve equality and diversity requires all of us to be inclusive leaders at work. Discover how to be one.

New Offering for 2018: Coaching Conversations

This new form of seminar is geared to a small number of participants for a more interactive discussion of material from the author’s books, Understanding Gender at Work and Advance Your Legal Career. Topics can be selected and customized from the chapters. Through facilitated discussion, individuals will be encouraged to share experiences and shape the learning context. These seminars, which are a hybrid of individual coaching and group seminars, are suited for both co-gender and single gender groups.

Understanding Gender at Work

Gender blind spots influence our behavior, decisions and perceptions without awareness In this seminar, six types of gender blind spots, including gender bias, are examined. Effective career strategies for dealing with gender blind spots are presented along with using and losing gender habits for accelerated skill development. Based on the book Understanding Gender at Work


Using Social Intelligence to Succeed

To get ahead in any organization requires social skills and intelligence not taught at university. In this seminar, five dimensions of social intelligence (SI) are introduced including situational awareness, organizational awareness, influence, relationship management and communication. Key career SI skills are discussed and practised.


Negotiating Your Career Success

Strong negotiation skills are key to career success, for use in both formal and day-to-day negotiations. Helping others overcome differences to reach agreement is a core leadership skill. In this seminar you will have the opportunity to increase your repertoire of effective negotiation skills and approaches.


The Collaborative Mindset (follow-up to Negotiating Your Career Success)

Collaborative negotiation allows parties to get results and maintain good relationships. Using day-to-day examples, the collaborative mindset is contrasted with competitive mindset. Participants prepare for a negotiation with a focus on interests and the strategies for uncovering them.


In the Lead

At the core of this interactive seminar are leadership styles.  Participants discover their preferred style and learn how to use the six leadership styles effectively. A corporate case study is used to show the use of the six styles separately and in combination. Participants will increase personal awareness and hone their leadership skills for greater leadership success.



Self-promotion does not come easily to most people with many still using a canned approach that does not allow for connection. Through the use of communication templates and practical exercises, participants become aware of why self-promotion is uncomfortable and learn how to do it in a more natural, energetic and connective way.


Communicating Your Value at Work

Being able to communicate in a way that ensures understanding and signals professionalism is key to career advancement.  In this seminar participants discover different types of communication patterns and how they are perceived by others. Communicating effectively allows your value to be made visible and your ideas heard.


Confident Presence

Having a professional appearance is essential for advancement and an authoritative, confident presence is a large part of it. In this seminar participants learn four simple and powerful physical ways to signal power and confidence. Discover tools and techniques to increase personal presence and ensure confidence even in high paced and high stakes situations.


Navigating Conflict in Your Day-to-Day

Conflict in the workplace can be poisonous. Due to technology, conflict in virtual reality arises more easily and is more intractable. In this seminar, five approaches to conflict, and a conflict communication process will be explored. Participants will discover their personal conflict styles, learn to use different styles, and discover ways to constructively deal with conflict.


Coaching Services

All coaching is designed with the client’s goals in mind, providing a personalized focus to address specific questions and challenges. The coaching schedule and number of sessions are determined by the client.

All coaching relationships involve preliminary, in-depth assessments to target personal development goals, assess areas of growth, and determine strengths.

Career coaching in law is a specialty area. Sessions may be conducted by phone or in person.