Moving Beyond Bias Into a Culture of Inclusion

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A bright light has been shining lately on gender bias and its many negative manifestations – sexual harassment, gender discrimination, the wage gap, the leadership gap and gender inequality. Everyday new articles and new research provide more information on these topics. The #METOO movement, in particular, has recently brought worldwide attention to the prevalence of […]

Parenting Beyond Pink and Blue

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What if children were raised beyond blue and pink? What if their natural talents were encouraged, praised, and developed without regard to societal gender roles? What if bossy girls were admired for their leadership ability and sensitive boys were recognized for their emotional intelligence? What would happen? When I was an undergraduate in the mid-70’s, […]

Raising Girls To Be Funny

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We all love to laugh. It unites us, makes us feel good, releases tension, allows us to see things in a new way, and is great for the body. People like to be around people who are funny.  An article in the Washington Post suggests that it may even empower girls. In “Want to raise […]