Using Gender Approaches Fluidly

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In reading about gender fluidity in National Geographic early this year, I thought I had the perfect term to describe the ability to use both masculine and feminine approaches at work with flexibility and versatility. I was reminded by a friend that the term refers to sexual identity and orientation, rather than gender culture behaviours, […]

Making Changes At The Organizational Level

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Recently I attended a presentation by Professor Frank Dobbin from Harvard at Rotman School of Management. The amazing take away, based on decades of corporate findings on increasing diversity, is that courses to train away implicit bias and policies to prevent biased decisions don’t work.  The very things that corporations have been using to improve […]

Holding Women Back Holds the Economy Back

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Companies and executives are showing great foresight and will to find viable solutions for reducing gender bias and stereotypes. Just last week, in a letter to Rex Tillerson, more than 40 business leaders of major American companies pressured the Trump administration to fill the vacant Ambassador-at-Large position for Global Women’s Issues. This position has been around […]

“Back Up You Creep!” An Analysis of Hillary’s Tough Debate Choice

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During the second presidential debate in October of 2016, Donald Trump followed Hillary Clinton around the stage as she spoke. It was a primitive intimidation tactic, used to assert power and unnerve Hillary. In an excerpt from her book What Happened Hillary opens up about the hard choice she faced. Should she continue on as […]